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Use garlic and salt to stop evil spirit and flourish

Africa is constantly and could continually be the land of historic traditions and practices. There are a few few questions I would love to invite my fellow black guys in Africa. Please before I visit what I want us to research, let me ask you these questions. have you ever ever stay in a village in Africa earlier than? Do you remember any of those historic traditions and practices earlier than?

Did you ever examine or recognize why in the olden days and even these days a few humans still positioned charcoal or dry pepper on sure meals when traveling with it to a positive distance?

Did you ever realize that, within the olden days our ancestors used charcoal as their toothpaste and the head or the stalk of plantain as their toothbrush? the majority don't know this, please find it out. however who mind wash us to stop using it? but currently they said charcoal toothpaste is ideal. Hmmmm, ignoring our historical wisdom.


Do you already know why in the olden days girls aren't accredited to live in the major house whilst they're in their menstrual period? Or why women aren't to apply men's bucket to tub? before the white guy's faith (Christianity) became added into our continent, black human beings of Africa knew certain things lengthy ago. however today, faith has brain washed us to the factor that, we have forgotten whom we are. I on occasion feel so unhappy and disappointed while some spiritual people read stuffs from my web page and begin tagging it as occultism, witchcraft or devil practices. allow me give you this Bible verse, study it and tell me if this became now not working towards in African before faith became added on our land.

Leviticus 15:19-25

right information Translation

19 while a lady has her monthly length, she remains unclean for seven days. absolutely everyone who touches her is unclean till night. 20 some thing on which she sits or lies at some stage in her monthly length is unclean. 21-23 anyone who contact her mattress or something on which she has sat have to wash their garments and take a tub, and that they stay unclean till night. 24 If a person has sexual sex with her in the course of her period, he's contaminated by means of her impurity and remains unclean for seven days, and any mattress on which he lies is unclean.

25 If a lady has a go with the flow of blood for several days outdoor her month-to-month length or if her float continues beyond her ordinary period, she remains unclean as long as the waft keeps, just as she is throughout her monthly period.

which means that if a female is in her menstrual duration do not touch her or anything she sit on or use. i can put up something on my page and people who is aware of nothing about the Bible and religion ought to tell me that is occultism or satan practices.

Now let's get to our lesson for these days.

in case you need to prevent any evil spirits or terrible spirits from coming on your room more in particular whilst we are asleep inside the night time, just try this.

1. Get a few quantity of salt (stone type), and garlic or onion (nearby or small kind) or charcoal. which means, the salt is the main aspect and you could add any of the alternative ones.

2. positioned the salt and the garlic (no longer the bulb but simply one piece) in all the 4 Conners of your room. meaning you want 4 garlic or onion, one for each corner of your room.

The strength or powers of these components will by no means allow any evil pressure or strength into your room. these manner could be very useful for those who have given start to new born infants. It protects the youngsters from horrific energies (evil spirits)

in addition to the above, you may use the identical aggregate (salt and garlic) in your car, or your keep most especially in which you preserve your money. this protects you and your money from any evil spirits. those Taxi drivers who like using at or midnight must try this to protect them from terrible spirits.

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