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Funny Memes That Will Help You Get Through Monday.

Some days are happy and some are sad. It is not every day that we are happy and cheerful. Sometimes problems (and maybe the weather?) Can make us dark and sad. If you feel sick today, brighten your day with these fun memes we have collected.

If you're like me, memes are the only reason I use social media platforms. I love memes as much as I love dogs. So I'm sure there are no days when I haven't checked the feed memes.

So I'm going here. May these funny memes help you survive the day!

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1. I always look pregnant from

2. Bless your heart

3. I don't know if this haircut is possible.

4. There is nothing angry about this

5. What a wonderful life

6. I stand here and see you from afar

7. The only superhero you need

8. It's like this guy's wedding anniversary

9. It takes 5 minutes to find It was 10.10. I want to be an NFL waterboy!


11. She looks very happy

12. Idk, but they all look the same

13. The type of toilet you share with your beast

14. Memes

15 day and night. I'm exhausted if I don't do anything

16. Now someone is helping the dog!

17. Types of mice that squeak when clicked

18. Standing and growing all day

19. Dad, you should start engraving

20. I'm in a bad mood

Please spread the love and smiles. Share with family and friends and leave me a "hi in the comments, I would love a chat.

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Thank you for reading.

Love and prosperity to you.

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