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3 Animals Used For Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a popular activity throughout the world, but it seems even more popular in African countries. Some individuals believe strongly in the existence of witchcraft and done some people believe that if does not exist.

Often times, traditional healers and herbalists, who are individuals with the gift of of using herbal medication from plants that are all natural are often confused with witches or people that take part in black magic which causes havoc or disturbances in the life of the person being attacked.

There are various things including animals and herbs that are used in these processes. Todays focus is on three of the most used animals.


Cats are used for witchcraft because they are domesticated animals, meaning seeing a cat will not alarm you. Cats are believed to be used for witchcraft for various reasons, mostly black cats.

They are believed to a symbol of bad luck.It is also believed that because of their colour they symbolise death.


Snakes are used for wealth purposes, and because of this often times, sacrifices are made in order to keep the snake " happy". These sacrifices can be human or soul sacrifices.

This leads to it being witchcraft because of the unpure intentions that go with idea of using Snakes.

3. Porcupines.

Porcupines are a rare animal to come across, nonetheless they are used for various reasons.

At the end of the day, every person has the right to choose what they would like and prefer to partake in.

Their squills are used to perform the particular ritual that will be in place, whether it is causing harm to someone or making them do or act a certain way.

Witchcraft may seem like a bad thing, but some individuals strongly believe that it helps them and we will never truly know how exactly it helps them.

All individuals are entitled to their own beliefs, but it is important to do things that do not affect other human beings in a negative manner for your own benefit.

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