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10 Weird Things That Only Happen In Germany

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article. The infrastructure of Germany is among the most advanced in the world, and its economy appears to be among the most stable.

The nation is well recognized for many things, including the peculiar habits that may even startle visitors from other countries.

Every successful endeavor usually involves labor that is performed in secret. We'll examine some of Germany's most amazing yet peculiar things in our piece today. Observe what these things are;

First, finger wrestling

Do you know about finger wrestling? This sport is unique to Germany and is arguably among the most popular there. The fingers are educated expressly to make things very simple for them. Participants in the competition bind their fingers and begin pulling in different directions. The winner is whoever pulls the other.

2. Pumpkin Boat Competition

Have you ever considered using a pumpkin as a boat in a race? Well, that does occur in Germany. There is a pumpkin racing competition every year in the fall.

3. Germany has no speed limits.

Did you know that the speed limit is not enforced in all areas of Germany? There is nothing wrong with driving at the maximum speed permitted.

4. The world's smallest street

The narrowest street in the world, Spreuerhofstrasse, is found in the German city. It was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, with the narrowest spot being 31 cm.

5. Never cross bike lanes.

The majority of German cities have cutting-edge infrastructure, and there are always lanes set aside for bicycles and pedestrians only. No one is ever obliged to walk on the bicycle lanes because they are solely for use by cyclists.

6. Always make a toast before a drink

Germany is well known for its beverages, particularly its beer. It is improper to take even a sip of a drink in Germany without toasting. It is customary to toast using the short phrases "cheers" or "prost." Don't forget to stare the other person directly in the eyes while toasting.

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