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How people can make you lose your success and money, according to social media users.

I came across an interesting post recently, one that got me thinking about one consequence of our success. In South Africa, we have an abundance of people who practice black magic and witchcraft, and it's believed that people can bewitch you. Many people believe that using black magic, people can make you lose your success and money because of jealousy. Below are a few stories from people who claim to have experienced these things in their lives.

These stories come from people in Africa and while I cannot confirm or deny how teal they are, I can say that I think their worth paying attention to.

In this story, one woman tells us how she believes that she was almost cursed by her grandmother but saved by her Aunt.

Another Woman claims that you can even be bewitched by jealous people who come to your housewarming parties.

This woman claims that the money she learned out to someone came back, however, something was different about it.

This claim also talks about lending people money, with the money coming back bewitched.

If these claims are true, it would seem that even helping a person can bring you bad luck, as the main character of the story above shows.

This man claims to offer a solution by saying that you should never put the money you take from someone directly into your wallet, instead put it somewhere else first.

This person claims the just by handing a person cash, they can close your sources of income and make you go broke.

Many people in South Africa are very superstitious so it would make sense that something like this is believed. While I don't personally believe it, I will take it under advisement as I like to keep an open mind. What do you think of these stories?. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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