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Spiritual benefits of bay leaves that you Should know about.

Bay leaves is not used for party jollof only; it also has many spiritual benefits. 

 If you are suffering from

 Evil eyes.

 Bad spells.

 Bad luck.

 Spiritual blocking’s.

 Family and work problems, etc.

If you want to purify yourself and unblock all your spiritual blocked doors, then do this.


Boil some bay leaves and bath with it.

You can drink some before going to bed.

This simple self purification spiritual exercise will open all blocked roads for you by His Grace. 

How to take this bath?

Put a few bay leaves in boiling water and allow to infuse 10 to 15 minutes and then pour this water into your bath water.

Wash with this water at bedtime (for 9 days).

It opens blocked doors, brings positive vibes, unlocks situations, purifies the aura and brings good luck.


you can use this water as a final rinse too, that is to say, without soap or sponge - pour the bay leaves water on your body after baths.

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