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"Ancestors don't exist, Y'all Are worshipping Demons" -writes Sammy

A Facebooker decided to take the Bull by its horns and wrote this insulting piece. What are Ancestors- Ancestors are family members who pass on ,and are believed to be watching over their Living families.

But Sammy Oceans Sareez says Ancestors are Demons that hide behind the faces of the late members, and act like they are watching over you while infect they are distracting you from worshipping the true God. Who happens to also be an Ancestor(Topic for another day).

He asks, How can someone who died in poverty be able to grant you more than what they had?

Why didn't they acquire riches while they were still alive? He advises people to seek the true God and not allow the devil to lead them astray.


How is it possible that our relatives who pass on are regarded as evil for coming to assist us, but Jesus who also passed on is regarded as holy?

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