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How to overcome procrastination.

Procrastination is to delay doing something that you should do,usually beacuse you do not want to do it.

Here are some few things to do inorder to overcome procrastinating:

1.Fill your day with low-priority tasks.

2. Have a to-do list to avoid doing unnecessary things.

3.Be organized,most of you procrastinate because you don't have a set of plan or idea for completing your work.Eliminate distractions,It can be a Cellphone,Television and many more.Put task or Problems in order so that you can deal with the most important one.

Set goals and deadlines ,So that you can enjoy your free time.Knowing exactly that you worked hard and you deserve some rest.Motivation is key but discipline is everything there's nothing important as knowing how to behave in that way you will have everything under controll.

Change how you describe yourself,speak positive things onto you. Remember that you are what you say nor believe.

Keep your work small ,So that you would not get bored and end up being demotivated and feeling sleepy.Stick to your schedule and don't forget to have a good support system.

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