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10 Things Most People Overlook When Cleaning Their Houses

Although cleanliness is often said to be more important than godly devotion, it is interesting to note that most people in the house-to-house ministry neglect certain areas.

 This article describes 10 places to clean your home.

 1. Shower head

 If this area is not cleaned regularly, dust will certainly accumulate. Simply clean with a dry towel and make sure you defecate at least once a month. Intensive cleaning should be done at least twice a year.

 2. Carpet

 I agree that anyone who uses carpet attracts a lot of garbage, especially if there are dogs or small children in your home.

 Although washing is a Hercules job for most people, I recommend that you clean it with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week to make sure it is free of dirt.

 In fact, if you do the cleaning regularly, there will be no waste and general cleaning will be much easier.

 3. Furnace shelves

 Furnace shelves are covered with dirt, grease and baked goods because of all the recipes, making them very difficult to clean.

 I recommend mixing a quarter cup of white vinegar, the same amount of dishwashing liquid, and one cup of water to clean it effectively.

 Spray your oven rack with the same solution and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After that, you can go to clean all the grease and dirt as usual.

 4. Washing machine interiors

 Interior washing machines promote the growth of mold, mildew and mold. To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you run your washing machine with a 1/4 cup vacuum cleaner.

 Alternatively, you can run the washing machine full of water and three teaspoons of drainage as it helps to clean the inside of the washing machine.

 5. Shoe accessories

 This is another aspect of the home that is often overlooked. Be sure to wipe the shoe rack once a week with a clean towel.

 If you clean your shoes regularly, you do not have to worry about your shoes getting dirty.

 6. Refrigeration coolers

 Refrigeration rolls are usually located on the back of the refrigerator and are very easy to clean.

 All you have to do is clean it with a brush and vacuum it. You need to make sure the refrigerator is off before you start cleaning. Also keep in mind that refrigeration cleaning should be done regularly to improve performance

 7. Knife suspension

 Although it is very easy to clean, it is often overlooked by many people. All you have to do is remove the knife block for a while to make sure most of the debris and debris is removed.

 The rest of the particles can be sprayed with the help of a bottle master. You can then soak the block in a bucket of liquid soap for 20 minutes before rinsing it with water.

 8. Mattress

 No matter how careful you are, your mattress will always be contaminated.

 In this case, the best thing is to clean the dirty area with a microfiber towel and add a little laundry soap. After that, you can massage a region with another cloth soaked in water.

 This method ensures that your mattress is germ free and always in good condition.

 9. Books

 10. Soft toys

 You will be happy to know that dolls collect a lot of dirt and dust due to the nature of the doll. For this reason, the most important thing to prevent your children from becoming allergic is to bathe at least once a month.

 All you have to do is throw a small amount of cloth into the washing machine and run the machine gently.

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