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34 Funny Pictures And Jokes for fun

1. On a Sunday morning, a pastor came to the congregation and announced:

"Praise be to God, church!" I have both good and terrible news for you today.

The good news is that we now have the funds to construct a new church." The audience erupted in cheers, applause, and a worship song.

"The bad news is that the money is still in your pockets," the Pastor said once everyone had calmed down.

The silence was overwhelming.

2. One late night, Akpos was driving home.

Because his automobile's front lights had stopped working, he was forced to drive beside a car whose front lights were still operating well.

The automobile in front of us suddenly came to a halt.

Akpos sat in his car for about ten minutes, but the automobile in front of him did not move.

Why did you stop, come on, keep driving, Akpos yelled.

Should I keep driving in my own garage, the man in the automobile yelled back.


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