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Road Accident

23 Funny Pictures And hilarious Jokes for fun

Akpos walks into a pharmacy and pulls a little bottle and a tea spoon from his pocket. "Could you kindly taste this?" Akpos asks as he pours some liquid into the tea spoon and offers it to the pharmacist assistant.

The chemist's helper takes the tea spoon from akpos and places it in his mouth, swilling the beverage and swallowing it. "Is it Sweet?" Akpos inquired. No, says the Chemist's assistant, "not at all."

"The doctor ordered me to come here and get my pee tested so I could find out how much sugar was in it," akpos explained. The chemist's helper passed out right away.

Akpos was standing at the side of the road. He suddenly heard a car squeal and observed a large crowd forming on the opposite side of the road. He arrived at the accident scene 5 minutes later to see a massive crowd forming a circle. "Someone must have been hit by a car down there." He pondered his thoughts.

He decides to look into it further and tries unsuccessfully to push his way through the mob. He screamed as his investigative skills came to him. "PLEASE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! I WAS THE VICTIM'S SON." The crowd abruptly parted. When he arrived to the center of the crowd's attention, he saw that the "victim" on the ground was actually a DOG.

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