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Opinion maybe people will rest eternally if burried in these customised coffins

The level of skills of artisans around the world is improving day by day.

Craftsmen use ingenuity, spending their entire day looking for different ways to attract their fans or customers.

This proves that they did not come to this field because of hunger but to do what they love and passionate about.

Crafts such as designing, drawings and others are very special because most of the time their makers do their best to make sure they get all kinds of recommendations from people and consumers.

And while you are committed to doing your job, you make it easy for you to quickly find customers.

The people who design coffins have greatly improved the quality of their work, because the coffins they make are much better than before.

You can even swear that those who will buried with the kinds of coffin will receive eternal rest judging from how they're are made.

Political parties are taken as the ruling political parties across the world,they are the world's most powerful, and each country has a list of political parties that people follow with beliefs that their leaders can have powers in helping them get what they always desired in their lives.

But we never thought that there would be people who would think of decorating coffins comparing them with logos, slogans or flags of some of our political parties.

We have seen coffins decorated in various ways but never imagined that we would see them design with flags of one of our political parties.

This means that it will be easier for politicians to bury their members with coffins that clearly show which political party was the deceased.

This means that flags will no longer be placed on the coffins of politicians because the exterior of the coffin will have everything they needed.

If you are a member of the ANC, EFF and DA it will be easier for you to choose your party's coffin proving that you have been with the party and for you to be given a dignified funeral,maybe by doing so you will rest eternally.

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