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Here are some funny pictures to brighten your day


🤣Even if it is a pen and a piece of paper, you would be trying to draw something that you have never thought of or ever seen.


There is just that group of people ,they sleep when they get the chance ,it is like they hibernate or something.🤣They tend to be like cats because it is said that cats sleep more than half of their lives.

3. That moment when you try making a love emoji with your hand and your partner's. 🤣

4. You as an Android user the below picture makes me want and iPhone, or else I will always be roasted like this.



I mean the thing that was supposed to be done, was to simply remove the plant since it doesn't have roots . How did the road worker get that lazy 🤣.


🤣 It's either they didn't do the assignment or didn't clean the class .You would so wish that you didn't arrive while it was still his period to avoid being part punishment to be given.


🤣I would give explanation that I am just confusing my enemies by posting negative feelings about my job.


Long hours of suffering, from night until the next morning.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make while holding your phone, at that time you are sitting with a person who hates selfies and you will have to explain what you were doing with the camera. 🤣


🤣The unexpected weekend early alarm, when you thought you were going to be in bed till further notice but boom, neighbour had plans early in the morning.

12. Would you or would you not agree to this?

The thing is that if you agree then she'll know that you are a player ,if you disagree then she will know that you are not a good player.🤣

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