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The week has just begun and others are already preparing for the weekend.

Partying with friends every now and then is highly recommend, it's good for your mental well being. Why don’t we all, just for once, agree unanimously that Saturday night parties can be a bit overrated at times.

 Although it is absolutely understandable that when you party on a Saturday, you don’t have to worry about the office the next day. However, having said that isn’t it also a little unfair to put all the burden of your weekday on the poor Saturday.

I guess many of us wish everyday was a weekend but unfortunately life is not like that, we have to work so we can pay bills. These guys will not agree with my sentiments though after they made this post.👇🏾

A lot of tweeps responded to the post by throwing all sorts of different comments regarding this matter, a lot alcholic beverages were in that basket and some felt it was too soon for that.

I personally don't have a problem with partying and having some fun, l think it's normal when you're younger but if you're over 25-30 and still in this mindset you might want to re-assess your path in life.

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