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Laughter is the best medicine

She: Delete my number

Thomas: It was never saved How to pass exam like a boss

If you still remember your ex name, it means that you have not moved on. As for me, I forgot Cynthia long time ago When it's 10-0 already and you see Ronaldo coming with a ball When you are performing a love song and you see your girl making out with another manMom: 'Why is your brother crying?'

Me who just won 3 WWE matches against him. 'I have no idea...'My friends and I, inside Noah's ark. 'So, nobody brought a charger??'Lecturer: Last semester, we discussed...

Me: you and who discussed?

If I'm your World does that mean you hate Tokyo, ok, what about Paris. You could lose her to Soweto you know

Who has a lying grandfather? Mine told me Shaka Zulu died a Christian, what about yours?

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