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Astrology Divination


According To Your Star Sign These Are 5 Things To Expect In November


* New purpose in life, new visions of the future, new sense of self & change of course of life.

* Intensity in intimate relationships, deep connections, secrets being shared and revealed.

* Major changes of priorities in life, long term values and goals, financial transformations.

* Emotional breakthroughs and liberations, deep inner investigations and a-ha moments.

* Building self authority, resolving authority issues, acknowledging authority issues.


* Health resolutions, work resolutions, clarity about health issues and work issues.

* New Eclipse cycle starting in your sign, beginning of radical and major changes and shifts in life.

* Strong relationship dynamics, challenges in one-on-one relationships, healing and transformation of close personal relationships.

* New approach to life experiences, transformation of rooted beliefs, upgrade of knowledge.

* Personal shifts, change of behavior, change of attitude, transformation of physical health.


* People coming in and out of your life, wrapping up and closure of certain cycles within relationships and within your identity.

* Psychic messages, intuitive insights, messages coming through dreams or through signs and synchronicities.

* Need for rest and relaxation, learning how to take a rest, and learning how to calm your mind.

* Hidden gifts revealed, bonuses coming in, fortunate and lucky opportunities.

* Shared resources, money coming in from strange sources, loans, debts and taxes coming to a resolution.


* New passion for something in life, new sense of being alive, new sense of feeling & living life.

* Different perspective of yourself, different needs, desires and motives than usual, different affinities than usual.

* New love relationship, upliftment of an existing love relationship, romantic and joyful moments.

* Acknowledgements within your one-on-one relationships, significant changes in your relationships, new commitments and collaborations.


* Personal growth and maturity, emotional challenges and emotional healing.

* Shifts in your career, shifts in your profession and a closer look at your purpose in life destined for change.

* Taking advantage of past negative experiences, turning those heavy experiences into goldmines.

* New home, new transformations in your home and family life.


* Significant messages & valuable exchanges of information.

* Easier energy, lighthearted energy, feeling good about yourself and feeling good about how far you've come.

* Meaningful and accurate connections with your siblings, your everyday life or people from your local community.

* Learning new things, expanding your knowledge, transformation of long-held beliefs and new levels of openness.

* Travelling, meeting with new people from different places and cultures and connecting with people from all over the globe.


* Invitation from your higher self, need to align with your highest destiny & need to express the best from yourself.

* Real intimacy with someone or with yourself, real and tangible changes and transformations, sharing intense emotions.

* Confessions and acknowledgments from the past.

* Money coming through others, earning your own money and transforming your relationships with money.


* New outlook and change of image and personality.

* Challenges in one-on-one relationships, new tests and revelations within these relationships, culminations and new chapters.

* Identity issues, changing the way represent yourself and changes in how others perceive you.

* Mental clarity, mental healing and thought patterns changing.

* New commitments, new love patterns, new friends, new meetings and new business partners as well.


* Vivid dreams, messages through dreams and symbols with important disclosures.

* Greater understanding of life, of your life experiences and the ability to connect and finding meaning.

* New stability in your life, long-term health, goals, new diet regime, new exercise program, new routines and habits.

* Regeneration, retreat, relaxation, healing, retrospection and reflection.

* Hidden gifts and talents, unseen and unknown gems and unexpected parts becoming expressed.


* Read creativity, real expression, tangible results of your work and sustainable creativity.

* Working with children, making children, expressing the child within you and learning from children.

* Self-expression, self-awareness, self-confidence and inner strength.

* Long-term plans and goals, investing in future visions and gathering with like-minded people.


* Family business, changes in family relationships, home and housing transformations.

* Emotional improvement and wellbeing, emotional disclosures and emotional stability, inner child connections.

* Shifts in life direction, change of work or career, recognitions and change of reputation.

* Leadership roles, fighting for what is right and purposefully pushing forward.

* Secret relationships, searching for a soul mate and going on a soul journey.


* Spiritual insights, spiritual teachings and spiritual teachers.

* Power of manifestation, power of materialisation and power of changing life in a wanted way.

* Understanding limitations in life, understanding the power of free will and understanding the path.

* Powerful conversations with influential contacts.

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