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Unexpected| Look at some silly things people do with sheets at the lodge before they check out

The young man shared pictures of some silly things he always does at the lodge rooms before leaving.


Some pranks are not allowed because they can bring harm to other people. Sometimes it is more advisable to think about how will that prank your trying to do will affect the victim.

This young man can wrap sheets into a humankind form then leave it on top of the bed and when cleaners get in, will think like it is a dead person. Many cleaners have fallen into his prank, and some even called managers only to find out that it is just some wrapped sheets.

It is very funny but it is also scary, and it is not suitable for heart-fainted people because they can faint alone in the room. Most hotel and lodge cleaners are seeing a lot, some guests leave with towels and poor cleaner gonna have to answer for that.

Can you also do this at the lodge before you leave, or do you think is not acceptable?


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