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Are you having a bad day? Scroll through these memes and get some laughter

This picture looks absolutely beautiful until you rotate your phone...We all have that one song that could cause something like this. Name that song.

Life hack: No one can reject you if you don't propose to them Casper Foursquare Church: Using a condom is doubting God's power

Just go raw and let god protect you. I'm glad I'm not a member of this church What will I tell my father? That I am coming back from Canada like this, after 15 years Short girls be like: 'Put yourself in my shoes'

The shoes:

Seriously, this is me when I get around people I don't know

Stay safe: Do not forget to wash and sanitize your hands and maintain social distance. Wear face mask in public areas, coronavirus kills. Together we can defeat this deadly disease.

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