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For Laughs, Here Are 36 Funny Pictures And Jokes

I've returned with a new set of amusing and amusing jokes and photographs for your amusement. I believe that these images will alleviate your boredom and concerns.

Here are some amusing images and jokes for your entertainment:

The images are simply used for entertainment purposes.

2. When your mother is teaching you how to cook and you're contemplating how you're going to watch a football game after receiving 49 insults and ten slaps.

kpos was under a lot of pressure. Fortunately for him, he passed past a lonely school with no predators. He observed a sign behind the school with the words "DO NOT URINATE HERE" written on it.

Akpos was unconcerned with the statement and went about his business next to the notice board. Unfortunately for him, a man who appeared to be the school's principal walked out and yelled at Akpos, "Are you deaf? Did you notice the sign that says, 'DO NOT URINATE HERE'?" "I noticed that," Akpos said, "but I mistook it for the school's name."

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