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Never take money from a person and put it directly in your purse, Here is reason why


I felt that way until i was given R10 with stain and i found out its blood. I got that money from someone who used it for other purposes. That R10 i would buy now after using it , i find it again in my wallet. Elders advised me to throw the wallet away with everything inside. I throw everything ( license , Id , some of the cash ) away in the river. Only then i was free from that R10. Also elders said “ inesikhwele” if i had other monies they didn’t last long in my wallet or it would just vanish sometimes. It true my grandmother was selling someone bought something with R10 that night her hands were iching. Even Traditional healers they don't take money from someone's hand you put it on the floor and they take it.

My grandma once stopped me once from giving someone money and from there I'm very careful, if you want something I usually buy it for you. Overall if you pray and give your tithe you are protected. Your family or friends people you trust are the one's behind your misfortunes, never tell people your plans especially friends or family, some of them will never wish you well. 

It's sad that people would go this far trying to stop someone else's progress instead of doing the same thing to improve their lives.Time for change is long overdue. What ignorant superstition. You failed because of your poor choices and bad decisions and not what someone else did to you. You’re just deflecting the blame to avoid accountability. Consequences of being black, Africa will always be a poor continent, because of such acts. Sometimes you'll wonder what did we do wrong to deserve such.

It truly hurts when reading such stories as someone whom lives through pain , because of witchcraft. You seek help with the last penny you have, but your situation worsens. You'd think death is the solution for you. You'd ask your god ancestors to forgive you for what ever sin you have committed. You'd sometimes think there's no such thing as god. Nothing go right for you at all.

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