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Giving up on your dreams is the worst pain.

Stopping your dreams bcos of financial issues hurts,Giving up on your dreams is the worst pain.Starting All over again is frustrating.Your friends can afford to get you drunk but they can't afford to help you pay for your Studio Sessions.You're talented but your way of thinking is whack if you think people will fund your dreams bcos they seem too real.The World doesn't owe you shit,You're on your own.You will keep on sending your songs to successful rappers thinking they will recognize you. Why do you think they will put you on when your family doesn't even believe in You?Dude it's high time you start having a conversation with yourself. Instead of spending money on multiple women invest that little cents on your dreams, Instead of smoking like you rich, limit n spend some on your dreams bcos nobody is going to help you. Stop living in a Fantasy world,If you don't support yourself Nobody will, Stop thinking we owe you anything. We are busy with our lives too,We have dreams too. Just push bro, Push on Facebook free mode, Stop sleeping on yourself. The only person who is there for you is you. Even your Parents will never support your music career until they start seeing money coming in.It's your Time.

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