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Hilarious Memes To Make You Laugh Uncontrollable

1. You ever sit for so long that your butt feels like this

2. When you're going out with the girls and the absurdity of the world, emotional disassociation, burden of existence, distrust of your consciousness, and 5 shots of vodka all kick in at the same time.

3. ADHD people when they finally decide to cut out toxic family members from their lives after years of emotional abuse and gaslighting.

4. Another year older and still as sexy as ever.

5. Me: wondering why my back and sides hurt all the time*

Also me in bed sleeping every night.

6. When black people say " I gotta trick for yo ass" we not talm bout magic

7. I don't hold garages. If you have ishoes with me, we meat and talk about eat. As we are human beans after oil.

8. Follow me for more recipes.

I hope you all Enjoyed reading this Please Follow Me For More I Will Do The Same

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