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VIDEO: Nomonde shares a powerful Kasi poem for people living in the township

Nomonde shares a very powerful poem about how people are living their lifestyles in the townships. It is how people lives their lifestyle on a daily basis, and if you are spending more time with someone, it does not mean you are fully aware of them. You go separate ways as going home. That is where you don't know what people are doing when you don't get to see them.

Their results in something will show you that, actually, you don't know someone fully if you don't live in the same house. It may feel like a betrayal the moment you realize that this person has been working while he or she is at home. In that time you spend together, you will not notice their effort because they do not speak about it at all. It is critical that you do something while remaining silent.

You should know by now that people are living a lifestyle you will not recognize until you see them at a certain standard. Something that Pitso Mosimane did when the country went into a harder level of lockdown. He took his team for camping and they were training. People realized with the trophy that the team was training well and others were at home.

Here is a part of the poem.

"As people who are from the townships, we are getto fabolous. This line still raises me to this very day. Even if you puff and pass, my hand will still be the ash tray. Even if you are thirsty for one beer, I will still open and share it with you. My guy we will never let you go hungry when I have a bit of something, you will always ride besides me."

"You don't even have to mind sharing the finest plate, just to let you know their is no hate. Know how to love each other well, you are my brother and you are my sister. I will take care of you, until I realize you are doing well. My friend we were together last night and how come you past that test, you did not go home to study and you were quiet tipsy, but close to being drunk and being past out. How did you get a straight A."

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