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A house Caused a lot of TENSION on the internet, people are saying it’s not safe and needs inspection


When we build houses in our villages back home, there will be a lot of comments about your house, especially if it is the only large house in the area with its unique design. However, it is always advisable to get the advice of home engineers before attempting to construct such structures so that they can determine whether the structure is safe and robust.

After many people warned it was not safe, pictures of a house built in a community broke the internet. It's a two story home with parking on both the ground and second floors. People commented that it didn't appear to be strong or safe enough to keep people in the house. Others proposed that the owner demolish the upper portion of the house and start over. There are however those who claim that only jealous people exist, and that the house is flawless.


Houses with a shaky foundation will undoubtedly bring the entire structure to its knees. This type of design and construction necessitates meticulous preparation. Don't merely build to the point of completion. If the house is carried away by rain or happens to fall along the route, you'll be lost. Before family members may move in and begin utilizing the residence, an inspection must be completed. It's not jealousy, but rather advice, in my opinion. You can also see that the fountain is broken; the upper side of the house is too heavy for the downstairs to manage.

What are your thoughts on this house? Do you believe it's in good working order? If not, what can be done to rectify the situation and ensure that the money that has already been lost is recovered? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Remember to like, share, and follow me.

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