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How To Grow Onions From Seeds

Growing onions from seed can seem a bit daunting. Not to worry! I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know so you can grow the best onions you’ve ever had. In order to go into depth on this subject I’m going to break this down into two different posts coming out in the next month.

Before you do any seed shopping, you need to find out what type of bulb onions work best for your area. 

I personally found it helpful to know the “why” behind why you grow certain types of onions in different areas of the country and the world. 

When growing onions, they only start to bulb when they reach a certain amount of daylight hours. 

Different areas of the world are able to reach different amounts of daylight hours. When talking about onions, it’s easiest just to line up where the latitude of your location is with the type of onion you should grow.

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