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A lady left everyone in tears for advertising her cheapest hair weaves

We all know that Facebook is now a place where people can now advertise whatever they are selling only if it complies with Facebook's terms or conditions of sale.

Most people have businesses that thrive every day because of Facebook and there is no time for them to go out on the streets and set up tables to find customers. But customer service has become much easier on Facebook and other social networks.

As long as you have a smart phone and pictures of everything you sell you can run your business in the comfort of your home, you can only go out when you have to meet your customers to send what they have bought from you.Some use a variety of methods to send parcels to their customers, especially if they are far from where the seller lives.

Technology has made things very easier for us the struggle of going door to door or setting up a table on the streets trying to get costumer is slowly becoming to and end.

As usual the woman advertised her weaves for sale and I thought selling was her livelihood. But less than a few minutes after she finished advertising her weave, people burst into the comment section laughing at her work. She explained that this type of weave are for young children and is probably the reason why it costs were so cheap.

They just said whatever they liked and didn't even consider her feelings,and that is why people choose not to use social media platforms because people are so quick to judge and criticising others.

Looking at the weaves you can tell that she's not a professional but she's is trying if which it could be the reason why they are so cheap,and that is how most people started their business.

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