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OPINION| South Africa's Good Old Days

Someone shared this on social media these were prices in 2004. How things have since gone south, notice how dramatically food prices have gone up now? Inflation happened. The water and electricity increases, transport costs, an ailing economy and the high levels of unemployment and corruption, and no imminent solutions to deal with these issues, have made the situation even worse, It's badKeep voting for corruption and in ten years we will be sharing the prices that we pay today for groceries. Instead of seeing this government for what they are we are busy attacking each other for our skin colour, this is the strategy of dictators. Create fear then divide and conquer wake Up before it's too late

Please consider this is you don't vote, politicians are like a family. If your mom makes a bad decision who suffer the most is the children, like now majority of black youth suffer because of lack of leadership skills and bad decisions made by our leaders. Use you vote wisely we have many good parties out there

That time some people still want second chance to fix their 27 year old mistake, what we need is a good structured economy not this one, if you elected hyena to look after goat, why do you expect the number of goat to increase but not to decrease. The day will come when you will find nothing at the shelves but everything at the politician's home

The logic that things will be better it's an illusion irrespective of which political party is in charge of South Africa, the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to grow because the same people who are are running the country will continue to profit at the expense of the poor

That's the time when these notes were real money, when food was quality, before the corrupt Zuma administration took over. Right now it's not, we live in a Banana Republic

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Good Old Days


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