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"Something is wrong here", comment made after seeing this

A man from Limpopo province shared a picture of his foundation plan and people noticed something in his foundation. 

A foundation is simply the lowest load bearing part of your home. Most foundation are made of concrete and dug into the earth for added stability, holds a house in place, acts as an anchor between the frames and walls. This part is the most important part when building a house. 

Overtime, foundation problems can cause cracks in drywall, crooked doors and windows, broken tiles and uneven flooring, all of which are costly to repair and can effect the safety of your home.

The foundation plan that the man has made raised some concerns. They said that the corners are not 90°, and doubt if the rooms will be big enough and also mentioned that the designer must be blamed, the foundation plan looks like a soccer field. However some said that this is good plan, measuring tape and string for the alignment should be used. Otherwise this is good.


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