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Is our online shopping making up poor?

The world is on our finger tips, literally everything we need is a click away. The convenience of online shopping is unbelievable it makes things so much easier with the busy lives we are leading. Squeezing in time to go to the mall to do groceries, buy clothes and pay for the bills is challenging. So we go buy and pay for our things Online.

The pandemic has forced me to buy things online now, I was never that girl. I was the write down the list of the things you need go to the mall, in and out done, go home. Now I go online and shop to an online or walk in shops which also have an option to shop online I buy the things I need. Few clicks done, the things will be delivered at my gate. The problem now is that I don't only buy the things that I need. I find myself clicking and clicking next thing my cart has a long list of items full of things that I need and things I don't need. Everything just screams YOU NEED ME and before you know there goes my money.

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