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Top 10 Most Expensive Bowling Balls

1. New Quantum Technologies RAVEN Bowling Ball – $12,000

So, this purple monstrosity currently holds the title as the most expensive bowling ball up for sale. It’s an undrilled, mint condition vintage bowling ball that is currently for sale as a part of a major charity drive. You might be wondering what makes the Quantum ball so pricey.

2. The Mikasa Clear Green Acrylic Ball – $10,000

So, Mikasa had a moment where the bowling balls they made were almost entirely made from acrylic, rather than urethane. It was a time during the 80s and 90s, and those balls looked as good as they felt. The demand, therefore, became pretty heavy—though they did eventually stop using acrylic to make their bowling balls.

3. Brunswick USA 1977 Rubber Bowling Ball – $10,000

The seller of this bowling ball points out that you’re probably not going to be able to use this ball on the lanes. It’s rubber, and it’s almost 50 years old. However, that doesn’t mean that it holds no value. Quite the opposite, in fact. This is a very rare ball that is now considered to be a museum-quality artifact.

4. The Red Pearl Whiplash – $1,800

This vintage bowling ball was another pro shop display from the early 90s, and it kind of shows. (It has that retro logo etched in, you know what I mean?) The ball itself is not as rare as others on this list, but it was still a fairly iconic model back in the days of yesteryear.

5. 1982 Gyro Balanced Ebonite Magnum Ball – $1,100

This is yet another “museum piece” that would make many bowling ball collectors a little jealous. This particular ball was known as the Magnum 11, part of the Earl Anthony line. Made in 1982, this ball has an old school finish and color that remains hard to find in modern balls.

6. 2003 New Brunswick Vis-a-Ball Elvis Edition Bowling Ball – $1,000

So, this is a big relief to the writer of this article. I’ve always associated bowling with the rockabilly community, and seeing an actual bowling ball with the King of Rock n’ Roll on it was confirmation that I wasn’t crazy. This was a part of a series of limited edition bowling balls to feature the portraits of major pop culture icons.

7. 2008 Hammer Vintage Black Widow Bowling Ball In Clear – $1,000

If you check out the most expensive bowling balls on eBay, you’re going to see a lot of spider-themed balls at the top of the list. The truth is, you’ll also see this trend with newer ones, like the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 ball on Amazon. The reason why is simple: it’s a very popular series.

8. The New Brunswick Collectible Coca-Cola Bowling Ball – $850

Remember when we mentioned that New Brunswick had a line of bowling balls that featured designs relating to pop culture? Another collaboration that came from this line of concept balls was from Coca-Cola. This ball was extremely limited edition, but still a bit more common than Elvis Presley’s bowling ball.

9. Hello Kitty Bowling Balls – $680

If you are a major fan of Japanese culture, then you will be happy to know that kawaii icon Hello Kitty is also going to be available as a bowling ball form. Not much was able to be found about this series of balls, primarily because there seems to be little information that is pertinent to all of the balls.

10. Hammer Vintage Black Urethane Bowling Ball – $595

via eBay

Recently, a bowling ball shop on eBay decided to unveil something that would make a major bowling ball fan squeal with joy. At one point in the bowling ball world, Hammer was considered to be the number one maker of high quality bowling balls in America. So, they have a remarkably popular brand name.

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