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Check out these funniest facts Number 12 will make you laugh

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At that time your heart would be pumping like you just had a 2 km exercise run.🤣 The feeling is like having a presentation blackmail your nerves. Then after seeing that the paragraph you were to read is more complicated than the other paragraphs.🤣


🤣 So this actually means that you would be feeling like a hero, or not just an ordinary hero but a super hero.


🤣My thoughts would be like, should I tell that present at that or should I just leave them confused. That is one of the moments when you will be a celebrity for a short space of time.

5. That one truthful idiot in class be like.

It is obvious why girls can't do that, 🤣number one is because boys are present in the room so it is quite not possible to do.


So if you didn't get it, this actually means that the girl's age will now be known since she included her year of birth in her email address.🤣


Your thoughts be like, "since when you have become a book worm," in great disbelieve. 🤣The only thing that make a person say that to their best friend is because they think they should do everything together, and feels left out if bestie decides to be independent.



10. Earbuds for who.🤣


Yeah truly an Angel indeed. 🤣


This one is a fact ,🤣 maybe we should start using chocolates to ask for a hand in marriage 🤔.



This means that the wrong chemicals were used ,so that's why there was no reaction. Or it means that the jokes told are not funny.🤣



I mean east could point anywhere right 🤣.


🤣 At that time you feel like you just got hit by a bass or fallen from a train.


🤣 At that time you thought that your screen was cracked.


The pain is unbearable 🤣. I mean at that time it was the last pen from the five pack of pens you just bought three days ago.

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