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A Lady Got In Trouble After She Posted Her Beautiful Picture, But Mzansi Spotted This. See Photo)

A Lady Got In Trouble After She Posted Her Beautiful Picture, But Mzansi Spotted This. See Photo)

Lady who posted her beautiful picture of herself in Facebook got herself in trouble after bookers took it to comment with negative comments on her blog. The lady has a perfect but not for this outfit. She is so beautiful and she have an amazing body that flat stomach is to die for.

People are busy telling her to eat enough food forgetting that it is that what forms part of body shaming. Everyday people with mkhaba and fats post pictures with captions of self-acceptance seeking validation from us and yet people comment positive for their self esteem sake. She is a slim lady, people feel entitled to comment however about her body. If it was someone fat with mkhaba would be told to lose some weight. Hell would break loose and y'all would shout body shaming.

Some think that the lady flat tummy it has been 6 years since she started bunting. To have such a tummy it's very unfortunate to see bad comments from ladies they don't know how others are struggling to have such flat tummy. For this people i went through their picture most of them looks like they're trying to break out of prison. And as for the others like how about theu take a look in the mirror and look at urself coz u not so pleasing to look at wow. Some of Facebook fans have tummies looks like an elephant tummy and yet they are here bullying this girl. People need stop being jealous go to the gym khaba must fall.

What mzansi noticed is that all the negative comments comes from old people. To be honest i would have understand if most of them came from her age group like what's wrong with bookers people? People are supposed to build us up but here they are trying to break us down. Not that those negative comments got to her and those that says she photoshoped this picture. The lady has that hot things because people even think she use certain apps on her waist.

Here are some of the comments:

"The waist Nkosi yam🥰🥰. If I can have this kind of waist ka pela ka di stomach out. 😍"

"You look really beautiful chommi!💕❤️😍 The shape is just funny😂 I will never be able to come close to that. So don't worry I'm making fun of myself too🤣😂😆"

"Guess what with my tiny body hungry stomach i won miss lawley so yeah once again ur'll aint got nothing on me Rhaaaaa😂😭❤❤❤"

What do you think of this body.?

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