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10 Simple Ways to Figure Out That Someone Is Lying to You

We're going to unveil all the secrets of liars today.

We'll show you how to determine when someone is lying to you and when they're telling you the truth. So, let's ask the pertinent questions and watch how the individual reacts.

Vague answers

If someone offers you a vague answer, it could be a clue that they are lying. Attempt to persuade the other to stay on topic. You require a direct response. The truth is usually expressed as a "yes" or "no."

Laughing it off

If the individual you're speaking with tries to shrug it off, he's probably lying. Someone attempting to fool you will make you laugh. This subtle evidence of deception will put you at ease and make the talk less serious.

Exaggerated honestly

Exaggerating one's honesty is one of the telltale symptoms of a lie. Someone will vow and swear that he had no involvement in the situation. That is not true.


The most difficult thing is refusing to believe someone who appears to care about you. Don't be fooled by someone expressing sympathy. He or she could be attempting to scam you.

Answering questions with questions

Someone who is trying to deceive you will avoid giving you direct replies. They'll try to get more information from you. It's important to remember that responding questions with more questions is a sure sign of deception.


Freezing, hesitancy to respond, and a protracted pause are all telltale symptoms of deception, even if the question you asked was easy. So, if the person expresses astonishment within the first 2 or 3 seconds of learning about your situation, you can be confident he is the one who ate your cake.

One man show

If a person is "overacting," he or she is most likely guilty. People's emotions change quite quickly, with one emotion usually lasting no more than 6-10 seconds. However, if the person is insincere, he or she might try to act surprised for a longer period of time to convince you.


A harsh tone or insults are also telltale signals that someone is lying. Don't give up since the individual you're dealing with could be quite serious. Make the conversation more relaxed, and then re-ask the question

Repeating the questions

If someone answers your question more than once, he or she is most likely lying. It also appears to be extremely amusing. They can no longer deceive you.

Avoiding the answer

When someone tries to avoid giving you an answer by giving you a lot of unnecessary information or even changing the subject, he or she is most likely attempting to "get away from the crime scene." Keep an eye on whether you're still discussing the issue or something completely else.


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