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35 Funny Pictures And Jokes For Fun When You Are The First Graduate In Your Village

Happiness is beneficial, and it is always beneficial to smile once in a while to dispel troubles. I've put up a collection of humorous and fascinating jokes and photographs that will make you laugh.

For your enjoyment and entertainment, here are some humorous pictures and jokes:

A man despised his wife's cat and decided to get rid of it one day by driving it 20 blocks away and abandoning it in a park. The cat was walking up the driveway when he arrived home.

He was furious, so he resolved to drive the cat 40 blocks the next day. He extinguished the beast and returned home. He ran across the cat again as he drove back to his house!

He continued to take the cat further, and the cat would always arrive home first. Finally, he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, pass the bridge, then turn right again until he reached what he considered a safe distance from his house, where he abandoned the cat.

After a few hours, the man contacts his wife at home to see if the cat is still there.

"Yes," the woman replied, "why do you inquire?"

"Please put the little bastard on the phone, I'm lost and need directions," the man said, frustrated.

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