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Desperate time calls for desperate measures, these chats will leave you in tears

We come for different backgrounds , what other people have some don't have at all and that way we learnt to appreciate little things that we have and what we get . We hold on to whatever that comes our away and hope for better days .

Students drop out of varsity because of insufficient funds . He shared how being how he has been affected , not having enough money to travel to campus . Sometimes you sacrifice buying food as you can't always go to bed hungry rather than attend lessons , you end up missing exams .

He's pleading with anyone to hook him up with anything , he mentioned that he can do anything that needs to be done . It can laundry , garden , was cars and willing to accept anything that you have to offer , it can be good parcels or the little money that you have .

A good samaritan came through for him , people do have kind hearts . Some don't even mind giving you their last cent to get you something to eat , it can be a stranger or someone you know .

See ? " That would be so stupid as a friend to let you do my laundry for you to eat " , people do have kind hearts . And no matter what you going through they don't judge you and they have your back . He understands that such is life and willing to do anything to help . There's a quote saying " Kgomo ho tsoshwa ye e itsoshang " , I don't how to translate this but it fits perfectly in this situation . Meaning the guy was willing to do anything that cames his way to get the money rather than sitting down and doing nothing . He didn't let pride stand on his way , you know there are other people out here who rather starve than do their friend's laundry or anyone for that matter for money .

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