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Remember her or him, she confused us all.

We live in a Era where everyone has the right to be the person they wish to be without being judged about their choices. Well, South Africa and its people is one country that is loving and accepting of all that, and it is just a beautiful thing to see people be so accepting of one's choices.

Well one young man broke the internet a few months ago, after he posted images of himself and people actually thought that he was a young woman. We were all shocked to find out that he was in fact a young man, and not a young lady. Well, it seems that the young man is back again and he posted a few images that has left the social media population in shock once more.

People can't help but be impressed at how good he looks, I mean most of us could not even tell that he is in fact male, meaning he derseves the props for that. Some people have even argued that it can not be that she is a man, as he looks way too much like a lady instead of a man, this could be because of the feminine features that he has, I mean he has wide hips and a small waist, which are featured we typically associate with femininity.

Well, the young man has indeed managed shock the whole country again with the images that he posted on his social media accounts. Another interesting this is that he is starting to gain a lot of fans on social media, which is in fact giving him more mainstream exposure, and this could help him get deals with some big brands or, even become a brand ambassador for clothing brands like Rich Mnisi and, a lot more others that would be willing to work with him.

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