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5 Signs That Reveal Angels Are Truly Watching Over You. - OPINION.

Angels are celestial beings of love and light who have been sent to us to protect, heal, and guide us on our life's journey, to help us achieve peace and happiness, and to help us complete our life's mission.

Massage can be as simple as touching, moving, or feeling to offer us messages of inspiration and wisdom to help us navigate difficult times in our lives, as well as warnings to keep us safe.

Angels like to leave a massage or a few signs before you for those of us who are unaware with this.

Begin by gathering coins.

Do you know what heavenly pennies are? Angels can send you signs in the form of quarters and dimes that appear in unexpected places, letting you know that they are there for you and that they love and support you.

It's a good idea to try to remember what you were thinking or feeling when you come across one of these coins that you didn't expect.

2. The illumination's intensity.

From time to time, strange light may arise, such as an unintelligible glossy shine, sparkles in the corner of your eye, or barrels of strong light.

When there is no sunlight present, what appears to be the glow of a bright mirror can sometimes be bizarre orbs, which can appear in images; these strange light effects are sometimes regarded as evidence of angelic presence.

3. A rainbow of different colors.

A rainbow is a symbol of hope and encouragement, a reminder that if you can survive a storm, you can do it with a rainbow.

They show that you believe in your ability to accomplish as well as your strength, expertise, and power.

4. The ability to collaborate with others.

These are special occasions when things seem to fall into place without warning. For example, I am writing this post today, which you are reading, to simply illuminate your sentiments about this lovely Sabbath day, which needed to end the day and arrived when you needed it, but not when you anticipated it to.

5. Seeing beauty at inopportune times is another coincidence.

When things aren't going well and you're irritated or frustrated, you're late for work, your income is low and it'll affect your rent, and you read this episode or see something good, like a beautiful sunset, the sound of birds tweeting, or the perfume of freshly prepared food, you'll feel better.

Through these seemingly random moments of beauty, angels may be seeking to gently take you out of your lowly existence and bring you to a position of tranquility, joy, and peace.

Thanks for reading.

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