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Road Accident

If you really have the calling your ancestors will show you everything about the calling (opinion)

Before you respond to the calling make sure you really have the calling, nobody will tell you that you have the calling, you're the first to know because calling is personal

don't respond to the calling that you're not sure about, some people are told by traditional healers, that they have the calling even if they don't have it

that is not good at all sometimes you have the ancestors, That are always with you, you will see things before they happen but you don't have the calling to help people

that is why you see some traditional healers can't able to help people, it is because they didn't have the calling, most of people that really have the calling don't have money to start a single step of calling

when you have the calling your ancestors speaks to you day and night they are controlling you about your calling, they will show you everything even the person that is going to train youwhen you're about to finish the training your ancestors, will tell you that are ready to go home, before they tell the traditional healer that is training you

because even the traditional healer is chosen by ancestors, people are not the same some people will have the calling but they are not suppose to under go the training

their ancestors have already done that on their behalf, calling is not easy but with help of your ancestors It won't be difficult

if the calling is ignored it will destroy your life, ancestors are always watching us even if you don't have the calling

the are places you survive that you do not know how to survive, sometimes you were involved in a car accident and car is beyond repairs but you're not injured, that shows your ancestors has saved you

Sources mj mbatha, Mr Mavuka(Traditional healers)

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