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The Super Bong, Just How Much Is Too Much, Effects Of Too Much Weed In Your System

Weed is a Jamaican mans best friend, this is because they love weed so much that they put it in their religion. They use the weed to meditate and have group gatherings called dubs. The Jamaicans use weed as a recreational herb and use it on a daily basis. A lot of their culture Revolves around weed with all their great reggae singers being weed Smokers. Even the Legends like Bob Marley was a heavy weed smoker as well. Weed being smoked and inhaled into the body in gas form warrants some concern because it enters the body as smoke. Smoke is bad for a person body, because our bodies are made out of flesh and meat. Some people would say that the Jamaicans smoke too much weed and that it is unhealthy for them. Some of them even use a large wooden bong called the super bong to smoke their weed. This bong works best if you want to add a large amount of weed. The setback with inhaling so much smoke and cannibus is that it destroys you from the inside at a faster pace. The super bong is for the seasoned Smokers because it comes with a lot of kick. They normally put Skunk or Chronic inside of the super bong to meditate and chant while high. The large amount of Skunk in the super bong provides the mind numbing agent that gets them hyped up and ready for their chants and reggae. They normally circulate the bong in sequences of two pulls per smoker because the stuff is Potent. The reason that so many Jamaican elders are slow when they talk and can't concentrate for long is because of their heavy smoking habits. Their gene pools are already used to large amounts of weed being in their bodies, this is why most of them don't get sick from smoking weed.

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