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Dj Shimza introduce kids lifestyle weekend at his restaurant


The famous musician from Thembisa is giving kids a great lifestyle during the weekends to enjoy themselves within his space at the Hang Awt restaurant. It also makes significant sense because it is done only during the weekends and during the weekdays they are in school, according to their calendar.

They are already having a great experience in the space, and they are being served specifically with a menu that is only for them. Everything on the item menu as is for children as provided and they are having a great lifestyle. They get to have a wonderful time as children on their own company.


The experience is also not affordable for other children or their parents, as they will be making the payment for them to enjoy the weekend moments at the Hang Awt. Those who came across the experience with the pictures provided, says they are loving the setup.

The experience is unique, which is only for kids when it comes to the menu in restaurants. Children also have a lifestyle they love, and the other important thing is that it is also influenced by parents or older people, because you need money to be on the table as provided.


It is a different setup which they are having thrilling moments outside their usual way of playing and chilling together. It is a great lifestyle to have, enabled by their parents, and it will become hard if they cannot afford on their own when they are older.

As the saying goes, "Eating first is better compared to someone who is going to eat late." Basically, it is like in a situation where one buys a car first and the other buys it last, and it is more recent with features from the interior and the exterior. You will have an advanced vehicle compared to the others.


There is nothing particularly wrong with kids having a great lifestyle at the moment, but everything that is happening on earth is having the opposite, which most of the time is not a wonderful one to go through.

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Dj Shimza Thembisa


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