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3 Benefits Of Reading Books: Why You Should Read Everyday

We are so consumed by technology to the point that we miss out on the valuable life lessons that are contained in books. As much as technology has provided us with an ample amount of ways for entertainment, we need to find a balance between having fun and gaining knowledge. In this article we have shared 5 benefits that you can reap from reading books.

1.Gaining knowledge

One might go against this point and justify by saying that YouTube or social media also provides such content, but you should look at the bigger picture. Most of the information that is shared online is only in compressed formats or summaries that leave some of the important details. Books are designed to be in-depth and cover as much of the information.

— There are so many categories in which you can choose from based on your interests.

— You can learn a new skill, change your financial situation or even learn how to start that business you have been dreaming about.

2.They can be entertaining

As aforementioned, books come in various categories and this means that you can read about your favorite topics. There's millions of books to choose from and this includes fiction, personal development or even classical novels.

— Find your favorite category and research which books are the most interesting.

— Commit to reading atleast one page a day to slowly build the habit without overwhelming yourself.

3.Improve your mental health

There has been several studies that were performed by UK's National Health Service (NHS) to prove that some books contain vital information to shed some light into the topic of mental disorders.

— Personal development books are mostly based on someone's experience (including those of psychologists) that aim to help people to deal with their problems.

— Start with short books and slowly build up the habit and see what happens.

We hope that you will consider adopting the habit of reading books - it's really amazing. Share your thoughts on the comments section below, we'd love to hear from you. Join our publication and receive notifications when we publish new articles. 

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