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OPINION-Never Give Someone Money. Here's why

Sometimes you can give a person your hard earned money because you're trying to help them with something or they simply asked for it. In this world we are living with very cruel people.

People who don't want to see another person trying and doing better than them. Some people will do anything to make a another person struggle.

Especially in rural areas, there are a lot of people who use muthi to make other people's life miserable. If you're doing well in life, your next door people might be your greatest enemies, not because you did anything wrong to them . But because you're trying to better your life.

People are so jealous, they don't want to see another person doing well or trying. They can even take their last cent to purchase umuthi to make another person's life hard.

When a person ask for money, don't give him cash. Because they can take that money and use it against you. What I mean is that they can use certain muthi to make you lose your job or never have money again

As the picture above, this is some form of a ritual, done by people who are have jealous to make other people's life miserable. So they perform rituals on money you give them so that you can lose money.

Some even put money on the bottle or bury it in your yard. People are so cruel out here before giving someone money make sure you've strengthen and protected yourself against any evil doings.

Here's some of the ways you can protect yourself

You can't anyone these days. So you'll need to consult a sangoma to formulate a muthi that can strengthen and protect you against evil spirits. This muthi will send back to the sender anything that meant to harm you or change your life for the worst.

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