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Meet man (69) with 176 youngsters, 90 grandkids, 13 spouses and 10 lady friends

Meet the 69-year-old Mustafa Magambo Mutone, a pleased dad of 176 youngsters, 90 grandkids, 13 spouses, and 10 lady friends. 

Mustafa Magambo Mutone, 69 years of age, is a famous man in Kagadi, West Uganda. He is pleased with having 13 spouses, 10 lady friends, 176 youngsters, and 90 grandkids. 

The man was brought into the world on January 1, 1952, in Kiryabwenju, Muhorro, Kagadi town. Right now, he has business with items in beans, corn, and espresso at an exchanging focus. 

Having the principal spouse when he was 16 

In 1968, at 16 years old, he had his first marriage. From that point onward, he proceeded to getting hitched and in any event, having illicit relationships. As his spouses and sweethearts continued conceiving an offspring, his number of offsprings just continued duplicating. 

The 69-year-elderly person said that his 40 children are in grade school. That is the reason he was wanting to set up an essential and secondary school for his own family in Kyaterekera. 

10 offspring of Mustafa Magambo Mutone are seeking after their investigations at Makerere University, Mbarara University, and Kyamgobo University in Uganda. Among his children, there are five arrangements of twins. 

He gladly said, 

"Two of my twin-girls are in Kampala and Isingiro, who fill in as maternity specialists, while another two – Haniffer Kabasomi and Jane Tuhaise – function as medical attendants. My most youthful spouse is 25, and the most seasoned is 50, yet I had around 10 sweethearts before I went authoritatively and they conveyed that very year." 

his children and grandkids 

Mutone's firstborn is presently 51 years of age while the most youthful is the 6-year-old twins. Later on, it very appears to be that Mustafa's military will increment as a portion of his spouses are pregnant. He even has 90 grandkids after the youngsters developed and got hitched. 

Not just having spouses in Uganda, Mustafa even wedded some abroad ladies. From Congo, Burundi to Rwanda, they are generally nations in Africa. Henceforth, his greatest test while having a lot of spouses is they situate in various districts. They are additionally in unfamiliar nations and few out of every odd spouse lives with him. 

"I get around 10 calls every day from various spouses who need consideration, however I can not be all over. I have seven spouses in Kagadi. Also, I have no test to help them since some of them support themselves since they work," said Mutone. 

His children and grandchildren can make an entire school 

Mrs. Madina Tibasiima, 47, one of his spouses, has had nine youngsters. She professed to have no issue living with a major family and her better half having various spouses. The greater part of her children are authorities, medical attendants, and fighters. 

One of Mutone's youngsters, the 42-year-old Kyaise Suwedi, is an occupant safety crew. His month to month rate is utilized to help his kin's examinations. 

Then, Muhamad Byarufu, 47, is another child who claims an organization. He likewise needs to pay the educational expense for a portion of his siblings. Additionally, his family can thoroughly construct their own schools as a portion of the relatives are educators. They may likewise employ more instructors from outside. 

In spite of having a ton of mates and kids, Mustafa Magambo Mutone is as yet sure that he is stood to take care of his family. Additionally, as they have an extraordinary association and the individuals who have some work can deal with the others, they scarcely need to manage the oppressed condition. 

In a meeting with Uganda's diary News Vision, he emphatically asserted that he is as yet appealing and can thoroughly get more spouses notwithstanding he is in his 70s. Mutone uncovered he could even have more children. His tips to keep up prosperous wellbeing is having no liquor, no smoking, and eliminating sugar.

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