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Here Is What to Try When Muthi Doesn't Work For You

A Twitter user by the name @Elle94390971 wrote some new information for people who find that muthi and impepho do not work for them. If they do not work, rain water can be used.

@Elle94390971 wrote, "RAIN WATER REMEDY

Imithi, impepho, candles don't work for some and wonder what to use. Pure rain water is the remedy, it's potent for ukuphahla, ukuchela, steam, wash, drink, as an emetic etc Offered on its own does wonders so whenever it rains collect some and store for use. "

The best way to use rain water is as follows:

1. Don't use rain water that comes from roof,put bucket in open space.

2. We use rain water according to type of rain

Read below the comments from those who found the information useful:

@pearl_dlad wrote, "I sometimes get an urge when it’s raining to go stand in it and get soaking wet, on coming into the room ngyaphahla and pray and I always feel at peace and calm"

@LehlomelaMafolo wrote, "Lesedi Gogo.......That's what some of us went thru at young age. In Sesotho culture they put a child in the rain and let him/her there for few minutes. Our generation has a lot to learn 🤞🙇‍♂️"

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