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3 Reasons Why You Should be like Sdumo Sgudi Snaysi and Never Throw Away your used Tea Bags

We all know the most memorable and loved character to this day; that is Sdumo.

Sdumo was chaos, he was renting a backroom and he was popularly known for his tea bags that he use again and again.

Now today we look at some of the things that Sdumo might have used his tea bags for rather than making tea.

According to many health articles there is a number of many innovative ways one can reuse their tea bags.

Here are the three reasons you should be like Sdumo:

1. Clean your dirty Carpet

The first reason to be like Sdumo is that used tea bags can be used to clean and freshen up your lovely house carpet.

How to:

allow used tea bags to dry out

Remove the leafs

Mix dried tea bags with handful of baking soda

sprinkle the mixture all over or in a certain place in your carpet

let it sit for more than 20 mins

thoroughly vacuum the whole carpet or the portion that you sprinkled.

2. Use for a bath soak

The second reason to be like Sdumo is that used tea bags leafs are full of antioxidants that are very helpful with skin problems like skin hydration.

How to:

put two used tea bags in your bath water

let it soak a bit

soak yourself in the water

3. Under eye circles

The third and the last reason for you to be just like Sdumo and keep your used tea bags is because tea bags contain caffeine which works magic when it comes to shrinking under eye blood vessels.

How to:

put used tea bags in your fridge to cool

hold the tea bags against your eyes for a few minutes

put them back in the fridge and do the process again.

Possibly this why the chaotic and smart Sdumo was always with lot of used tea bags! Lol...

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