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When you are dreaming, you get a chance to connect with spiritual world (opinion)

According to a research, how do white people define dreams, dreams are series of images those images are impacted by history, past experience

According to black child dream is not only about pitures of the things that you have experience in the past

when we are dreaming we get a chance to connect with spiritual world, thats why we are able to get the messages from our ancestors, dream is the important tool to communicate with your ancestors

when you're sleeping your conscious mind is sleeping but your subconscious mind is awake this the one that is able to go physical and spiritual world

that is why we can get massages from our ancestors, to get answers that we are looking for, when in order to interpret your dreams well, you must know where are you in the dream

are you at home in the river, forest what you're wearing in the dream ,if the are people or animals what they are doing, then you will know what your dream is trying to say to you

As I'm talking with about this topic because many people ask many questions about dreams that people dream

in deep sleep you dream and forget your dream, you need to use incense before you sleep

dreams that are compatible with our health, you can have a dream that is giving you a warning about your health, sometimes you can dream about green snake, your ancestors are trying to show you that you have the calling

sometimes you dream yourself next to water, you are shown to have water spirit, if the snake in your dreams don't bite you that is fine, but if the snake bite you that shows you have dangerous enemies, you must watch where are going

when you dream about big snake paython, that shows your ancestors are close to you, sometimes you dream about clear bueatiful water, that shows your health is good but if you dream about dirty water that means many things are wrong at home or your physical health is not right

when you dream about wild animals some of them shows how much power do have in terms of becoming a traditional healer, when your ancestors are always with you

you will dream about lions that is not chasing you, that means everything is Ok, dreaming about dogs, if dogs are chasing you

something is wrong if dogs in your dream are happy to see you, that mean home environment is good

when they are bitting you that shows your ancestors are angry you need to do a ritual to apologise to your ancestors

Source Mr mavuka and African traditional chemist

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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