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One powerful tip that might make a person to live long on earth could be this: Opinion

I said one powerful tips because, I believe that there is no any other tip that surpasses this one. You can pray, it is good. Sometimes a Prayer can deliver you from early death. You can do other things like exercise, try to eat healthy, all those things they are good. They can contribute to towards you living a long life, but this reason that I am going to give now, it is the most powerful one.

It doesn't matter whether you are a believer or not, if you do it, you will probably live a long life. Have you ever asked yourself a question why, billionaires like Bill Gates are not dying? Have you ever asked yourself why a lot of billionaires die at an old age. It is not because of the food that they eat, yes, that contribute a bit, it is not because of the gym that they attend, that contribute, yes! It is not because of the supplements that they take, that also can contribute, yes" but mostly it is because they are philanthropists.

There are worlds or countries that have their economy tied around the net worth of Bill Gates. They are countries that have got healthy facilities that are funded by Bill Gates. They are many orphanage homes and schooling programs that are funded by Bill Gates. If there is anything that wants to kill this man, you realise that the Lord protect him because if he dies, there are a lot of people that will suffer.

Remember in Egypt, the relationship of Joseph and Pharaoh made the king to treat the house of Jacob with favour, but the Bible says that Pharaoh, Joseph also died, and another Pharaoh was appointed who did not know Joseph.

This Pharaoh began to opress the children of Israel, you know why, Joseph was the reason why they were treated well in Egypt. I want to ask you a question, who smiles because of you? Who is going to school because of you? I'm not talking of your family, that is your responsibility. I'm talking in terms of life purpose, you can't say buying bread or grocery in your family is a purpose, it is your responsibility, it is something that you're suppose to do, but outside your family, who is having his or her body covered with clothes because of you? Who has the blankets that keeps them warm at night when they are asleep because of you? Who is having bread on their table because of you? Who is having shelter over their heads because of you? Who feels encouraged every time when they see you? Who prays or wishes that God can keep you because of the service that you are rendering to them.

Do you know that there is a powerful prayer that people don't put into consideration or take seriously, when you help someone, be it an old lady, be it your peer or a child, and they say in return, "may God keep you" or "may god bless you"

Those are very powerful words that can affect your life. So you want to live a long life, live a life of purpose. Let someone benefit from your existence. Get people to say God bless you, or God keep you by your service to them, that will eventually affect your life. A man that has a purpose will not die, thank you

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