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Home Garden


From Mkhukhu to RDP to this house. A lady shows off the home she built for her family.

A lady recently left people speechless after showing off her family home. She shared that her family lived in a shack for years and in 2010 they finally got an RDP. When she started working she renovated the house. She posted the previous house as well as how her home looked now. See her post down below and pictures of the houses down below.

After posting the house, people were left impressed with the transformation. This is absolutely amazing transformation. People couldn't stop but compliment her on her achievement. See some of people's comments down below.

This is beautiful to see. A congratulations to the lady for being able to transform her family home. A house is a good long term investment, once you build one it is there to stay even for the future generations.

What are your thoughts on this house? Comment down below your thoughts.

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Mkhukhu RDP


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