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Back in the day this used to look delicious, who also ate this Aero chocolate mud?

It seems tough times never last and people are remembering their childhood momemts on twitter as a giy posted a picture of mud during a sunny day after it had rained this is how it looks like. It seems while playing some kinds during the 90s and early 2000 people while playing used to pretend that this is the chocolate Aero. They would takeva bite and enjoy the yummy soil taste while pretending its good this was a really fun game back in the day, this fresh 2ks don't know the feeling 9f playing at all.

Here is the post that was posted on twitter as a user was sharing how growing up was really tough that people ate mud just fun and pretending it's chocolate.

Thats the post from twitter on the comments it seemed a lot of people pretended that this mud was indeed chocolate and at that time it tasted really good, would you blame them?

This people back in the day would play a lot of games like hide and seek and also the mother and child games, pretending that the tea leaves are money.

After the picture was posted here are the comments that followed about how a lot of people really enjoyed eating this while they were still kids.

Source: Twitter social media platform

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