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For Laughs, Here Are 34 Hilarious Pictures And Jokes

Are you bored and tired? I've got some funny pictures and hilarious jokes that will instantly lift your spirits. The photos and jokes will make you laugh and forget about your problems.

For your amusement, here is a compilation of 42 humorous jokes and pictures:

Three pals took a vacation to China. They were accommodated at a five-star hotel. They ended up on the sixty-second floor. The hotel's protocol was that the elevators were always turned off at midnight.

They leased a car the next day and went sightseeing around the city. They returned to the hotel fifteen minutes after midnight after having a good time. The elevators were turned off. There was no other option than to take the stairwell all the way to the sixth floor to reach their room.

"I'll crack jokes for the first twenty floors to keep us going," the first friend remarked. "You'll talk jokes for the next twenty floors," he remarked, pointing to the second companion. "You will do the same for the last mile of the climb," he stated again, pointing to a third friend. They began their ascent.

They finally made it to the top floor after laughing hysterically. "I have one final joke to tell," the third friend said as they approached the front of their room. "I forgot the key to the room in the car." So, how do you suppose he'll end up?

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